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    If "home" is the embodiment of love and a source of warmth, every inch of JIA may not only provide comfort, but more.  The details are tiny, but must create endless love and create every family memory in this special place.

    The Jia Pool Residence Modern Pool Villa Style House Project

    In front of Harrow International School Bangkok

    pays attention to every idea, every design, every detail to meet the need of creating family love with only 5 houses, 5 designs, on over  640 - 1,190 square meters of private land. Every detail reflects the uniqueness of you and your family, which are most important things in your life.


    A home that is ready to create love with loved ones every second.

    A home that is nearby to give more time to give more time for love and your loved ones.

    A home that is filled with warmth and creates bonds for those important little ones.

    Time may move forward every second.

    But this house turns every second into a special moment for the most special people in your life.

    Because home may be more than a place to live.

    But home is where love is born with your loved ones from the first moment you experience it...

    Because we know that home is where every heart is, we carved out every detail of the designs for every house to be beautiful and uniquely different. Jia residence, a luxury home project is based on a modern home design to make every square inch filled with peace and warmth with for family.

    With 5 different home designs, the styles are perfectly different for superior privacy in a quality location near Harrow International School, which is just a short walk away, so you can enjoy superior convenience.

    Create good times for everybody and let love pervade everywhere in your home.


    A house featuring a functional design with a swimming pool in the middle of the house as the center of happiness and relaxation for everybody in the family surrounded by the Common Area, including a dining room connected to the swimming pool that gives you full exposure to nature.  Breathe in the fresh air and  enjoy a 180-degree view of the lake from the front of the house.

    AREA 734 sq.m.


    This corner house is designed to give you a scenic view surrounding the house with a high-rise glass design, so the house looks grand and airy.  It’s easy on the eyes with interspersed facade  decorations by selecting wood-textured materials with continuous lines creating a luxurious resort mood that is

    tranquil and private.  The tropical shady atmosphere features a swimming pool on the 1st floor for every happiness welcoming you from the first step of your visit with a unique 4th floor space designed as a penthouse adding ultra luxury with both space and a high ceiling for the perfect floor space.

    AREA 640 sq.m.



    The house in front of the school is designed to welcome every visit with a tropical shady atmosphere including tall, airy trees and the sound of overflow from the swimming pool.  This water feature wall design in the middle of the house is like no other with a 16-meter-long swimming pool overlooking the beautiful lake and seamlessly linked with contentment with every function of the room designed to encompasses the activity area that creates happiness for everyone in the family.

    AREA 716 sq.m


    A home designed for every happiness, every activity parallels the water and nature, allowing you to hear the sound of water falling wherever you are in the house to create an atmosphere of relaxation.  The resort mood is private and relaxing every day, characterized by its location in front of the school, just a step away, catching the eyes of visitors. Every square inch is exquisitely designed and perfect for all activities in the family.

    AREA 682 sq.m